TASTE OF VIETNAM - where Vietnam’s traditions and flavors are presented on a platter.

A tray: that is a Me'lange Vietnamese Restaurant. What seems to be an ordinary object plays a central role in the Vietnamese tradition of conviviality. From the ancient times till today, meals are served on MÂM trays and brought to the table where it’s all shared – from the Royal Palace to a farmer’s own home!
The Me'lange Vietnamese Restaurant is the very base of a meal, where flavors, aromas and colors mix. It is through food that families receive guests, share knowledge, traditions, and stories. That is what we do here: we welcome you to join us, at our home, where we will show you the best of Vietnamese flavors, and give you more than a meal, but a true Vietnamese dining ritual.
Me'lange Vietnamese Restaurant is a member of the Viet Deli family, delivering authentic Vietnamese experiences in the following locations: