TASTE OF VIETNAM - where Vietnam’s traditions and flavors are presented on a platter.

A tray: that is a Me'lange Vietnamese Restaurant. What seems to be an ordinary object plays a central role in the Vietnamese tradition of conviviality. From the ancient times till today, meals are served on MÂM trays and brought to the table where it’s all shared – from the Royal Palace to a farmer’s own home!
The Me'lange Vietnamese Restaurant is the very base of a meal, where flavors, aromas and colors mix. It is through food that families receive guests, share knowledge, traditions, and stories. That is what we do here: we welcome you to join us, at our home, where we will show you the best of Vietnamese flavors, and give you more than a meal, but a true Vietnamese dining ritual.
Me'lange Vietnamese Restaurant is a member of the Viet Deli family, delivering authentic Vietnamese experiences in the following locations:


At our restaurant, we will present to you a nice selection of home-style cooking, just as you would experience as a guest visiting a Vietnamese friend’s home. After all, we already consider you as our friend! Just like at our own homes, our menu is built around the local habits and market products, going beyond a general Vietnamese meal, and focusing on the specialties of the Mekong Delta. But do not worry, we still kept a few classics from our cousins up north, which would be a shame be missed. All our ingredients are hand-selected by the best producers, to ensure the highest possible quality. We are also a 100% organic and free-range restaurant.


Tradition. In today’s fast-paced world, it is not difficult to lose sight of our traditions – just like a trip to Saigon can easily be filled with modern and loud attractions. Our mission is to offer the opposite: a haven of tranquility in the heart of the city, where locals and visitors alike can come to enjoy a genuinely traditional meal with their loved ones, and discover the true essence of Vietnam’s gastronomy. Here, we invite you to walk the steps of a Vietnamese family through a meal. Just like the tray where our name comes from, Me'lange Vietnamese Restaurant is the base, the setting of the experience. And just like in a Vietnamese home, our food, our family, and our guests are what makes our restaurant special and unique. Taste our History! Welcome to Me'lange Vietnamese Restaurant!